Summer School

SCINT 2024

17th International Conference on Scintillating Materials and their Applications

July 6th and 7th, 2024

The Summer School has reached the maximum capacity. if you would like to attend the Summer School, please write an email to and you will be added to the waiting list.

The primary goal of this school is to provide PhD students and young researchers with an advanced understanding of the principles and applications of scintillators. The program covers fundamental scintillation as well as advanced concepts.

At the end of each day, social events will be organized to promote social interaction and the inclusion of young researchers in our scientific community.

The school will be held on Saturday and Sunday (two full days) just ahead of SCINT conference.

During the School, the participants will have the opportunity to present a poster and a short oral presentation of their research work.

The school is free of charge for all the participants. Moreover, for those registered at the SCINT 2024 conference, coffee-breaks, lunches, and social events are included.

Location: University of Milano - Bicocca, Building U6, Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli 22, Milan
Graduation Room, 2nd Floor (Department of Law)

topics and lecturers

  •  Physical processes of scintillation in bulk materials and nanocrystals/nanocomposites (Christophe Dujardin)
  • Key scintillator parameters and their estimation (Kristof Pauwels)
  • Luminescence and energy transfer processes (Angelo Monguzzi)
  •  Role of Defects in scintillation (Francesca Cova)
  • Thermally Stimulated Luminescence (Mauro Fasoli)
  • Electron Paramagnetic resonance characterization of defects in scintillators (Maksym Buryi )
  • Crystal Growth technologies of single crystals (Oleg Sidletskiy)
  • Nanocrystals synthesis and their embedding in polymeric matrices (Sergio Brovelli)
  •    Energy resolution and non-proportionality of scintillator materials (Agnieszka Syntfeld-Każuch)
  •   Metamaterials approach for scintillation applications (Gregory Bizarri)
  •      Computational Montecarlo simulations (Marco Pizzichemi)
  •      Scintillators in High Energy Physics (Etiennette Auffray Hillemanns)
  •      Scintillators in Nanomedicine (Anne-Laure Bulin)
  •      Scintillators in commercial applications (Paul Schotanus)
  •      Frontiers in scintillators research (Martin Nikl)
  •      Writing a European project (Patricia Odet)  


July 6th


Piazza Della Trivulziana 5, 20126 Milano Italia

July 7th


Via Chiese 2, 20126 Milano Italia

Here you can download the introductory slides from some of the Summer School participants.

The school is supported by the SPARTE project.

Additional contribution is provided by the UNICORN and TWISMA projects.